Because your company cares
for real CSR impacts

selective focus photography of green succulent plantYoga classes, take the stairs incentive, month of recycling, multimodal transport ... Responsible companies have put in place CSR and well-being approaches for their own employees for quite a while now. The CSR directive entered into force jan 2023, and companies know that now or later, they'll have to report on their actions - and those 'd better be consistent.

Yet, along the years, we've noticed that small and mid-size companies often struggle to find external trustworthy CSR actions they can afford to show that beyond business, they also care for external stakeholders, possibly more vulnerable ones. Remembering also that CSR committees, head of sustainability, happiness officers ... are too often roles and efforts on top of other responsibilities - the latest having higher priority because of business stakes, resources availability, measured objectives, turnover, client satisfaction - among others. 

They don't have time or experience, and impacts are our core business ...

So, we've come up with impact360, the CSR-as-a-Service.

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For years, we have been impact oriented - by design. It's beyond values statement : it is the deep nature of our business. So deep in our DNA that we listed our impact indicators straight into our articles of incorporation. Find out more here about who we are. 

Today, we bring this experience to you and offer to invest into existing, measured, attested impacts.
Impacts which effectively help real people - adults and children - so they know more about themselves and get a better life.

> Impacts according your interest, resources and budget.
> Impacts for beneficiaries, as well as your own team.
> Impacts that count and your company can proudly report on.

"Hmmm... ok. How does impact360 work ?"

"Seems nice. And what does my company get ?"

Impact certificate and report

to insert into your own
next year extra-financial report

Free lecture, trainings or seminars 

for your own teams

Leverage on your own CSR commitment

content to use for your own marketing communication and broadcast on our social medias (10k+ followers)

Discounted rates 

On additional optional
advisory services 

"Cool - but wait ... what's an impact ?"

The mastery of psycho-social skills defines a person's ability to maintain a state of subjective well-being allowing him to respond positively and effectively to the demands and trials of daily life, when interacting with others, his culture and his environment. 

An Impact at impact360 is a person (child or adult) who has attended a workshop, a training course, a seminar to develop these psychosocial skills, essential to build themselves and contribute to a fairer, more aware, more altruistic, more serene, happier society.