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in 2022

impact360.community is a service by Allagi

Allagi is a registered company of the social economy in Luxembourg, supervised by the Ministry of Social Economy (License :  2019-03).  Allagi has the legal form of a cooperative, and operates as SIS (“Société d’Impact Sociétal”) according the "Law of 2016, dec 16th creating the status of social impact companies".

As such, our activities are exclusively aimed at preserving and developing social ties, combating cultural and economic exclusion, and developing initial and continued training activities - supporting people in vulnerable situations. The indicators of impact and their measure are built-in in our status, and reported on a yearly basis to the supervisor. 

Allagi is publicly disclosing impact information, available in our "Impact report": download the latest version (2022) here (in french).

With 100% impact shares,  Allagi  is not allowed to distribute dividends and as such reinvests all of its profits in its social activities.  Allagi  is recognized as an entity being of public utility.

"Allagi" means "Change" in Greek.